UK and ROI Leagues - championship

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Week 1
TheDrewster vs Shark Bite
stiggy vs theharrier170
giraffe vs lambchop
The Rage vs wolfe1
Week 2
TheDrewster vs stiggy
giraffe vs Shark Bite
The Rage vs theharrier170
wolfe1 vs lambchop
Week 3
TheDrewster vs giraffe
The Rage vs stiggy
wolfe1 vs Shark Bite
lambchop vs theharrier170
Week 4
TheDrewster vs The Rage
wolfe1 vs giraffe
lambchop vs stiggy
theharrier170 vs Shark Bite
Week 5
TheDrewster vs wolfe1
lambchop vs The Rage
theharrier170 vs giraffe
Shark Bite vs stiggy
Week 6
TheDrewster vs lambchop
theharrier170 vs wolfe1
Shark Bite vs The Rage
stiggy vs giraffe
Week 7
TheDrewster vs theharrier170
Shark Bite vs lambchop
stiggy vs wolfe1
giraffe vs The Rage