UK and ROI Leagues - Division 2

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Week 1
The Borderer vs wray
McDartney vs Big Ty
Debz vs The Jam
The Mixer vs redimp2020
Week 2
The Borderer vs McDartney
Debz vs wray
The Mixer vs Big Ty
redimp2020 vs The Jam
Week 3
The Borderer vs Debz
The Mixer vs McDartney
redimp2020 vs wray
The Jam vs Big Ty
Week 4
The Borderer vs The Mixer
redimp2020 vs Debz
The Jam vs McDartney
Big Ty vs wray
Week 5
The Borderer vs redimp2020
The Jam vs The Mixer
Big Ty vs Debz
wray vs McDartney
Week 6
The Borderer vs The Jam
Big Ty vs redimp2020
wray vs The Mixer
McDartney vs Debz
Week 7
The Borderer vs Big Ty
wray vs The Jam
McDartney vs redimp2020
Debz vs The Mixer