Wickeds EQXL LEAGUE - Division A

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Week 1
Looker vs deadshot4life
the snowman vs Smookey
blackgoose vs newfiedarts11
the tornado vs You Know...
DoubleD vs The Baby Maker
Whoda vs BobbleHead
Hellboy vs Top Gun
The Hornet vs beltbuckle
Week 2
Looker vs the snowman
blackgoose vs deadshot4life
the tornado vs Smookey
DoubleD vs newfiedarts11
Whoda vs You Know...
Hellboy vs The Baby Maker
The Hornet vs BobbleHead
beltbuckle vs Top Gun
Week 3
Looker vs blackgoose
the tornado vs the snowman
DoubleD vs deadshot4life
Whoda vs Smookey
Hellboy vs newfiedarts11
The Hornet vs You Know...
beltbuckle vs The Baby Maker
Top Gun vs BobbleHead
Week 4
Looker vs the tornado
DoubleD vs blackgoose
Whoda vs the snowman
Hellboy vs deadshot4life
The Hornet vs Smookey
beltbuckle vs newfiedarts11
Top Gun vs You Know...
BobbleHead vs The Baby Maker
Week 5
Looker vs DoubleD
Whoda vs the tornado
Hellboy vs blackgoose
The Hornet vs the snowman
beltbuckle vs deadshot4life
Top Gun vs Smookey
BobbleHead vs newfiedarts11
The Baby Maker vs You Know...
Week 6
Looker vs Whoda
Hellboy vs DoubleD
The Hornet vs the tornado
beltbuckle vs blackgoose
Top Gun vs the snowman
BobbleHead vs deadshot4life
The Baby Maker vs Smookey
You Know... vs newfiedarts11
Week 7
Looker vs Hellboy
The Hornet vs Whoda
beltbuckle vs DoubleD
Top Gun vs the tornado
BobbleHead vs blackgoose
The Baby Maker vs the snowman
You Know... vs deadshot4life
newfiedarts11 vs Smookey
Week 8
Looker vs The Hornet
beltbuckle vs Hellboy
Top Gun vs Whoda
BobbleHead vs DoubleD
The Baby Maker vs the tornado
You Know... vs blackgoose
newfiedarts11 vs the snowman
Smookey vs deadshot4life
Week 9
Looker vs beltbuckle
Top Gun vs The Hornet
BobbleHead vs Hellboy
The Baby Maker vs Whoda
You Know... vs DoubleD
newfiedarts11 vs the tornado
Smookey vs blackgoose
deadshot4life vs the snowman
Week 10
Looker vs Top Gun
BobbleHead vs beltbuckle
The Baby Maker vs The Hornet
You Know... vs Hellboy
newfiedarts11 vs Whoda
Smookey vs DoubleD
deadshot4life vs the tornado
the snowman vs blackgoose
Week 11
Looker vs BobbleHead
The Baby Maker vs Top Gun
You Know... vs beltbuckle
newfiedarts11 vs The Hornet
Smookey vs Hellboy
deadshot4life vs Whoda
the snowman vs DoubleD
blackgoose vs the tornado
Week 12
Looker vs The Baby Maker
You Know... vs BobbleHead
newfiedarts11 vs Top Gun
Smookey vs beltbuckle
deadshot4life vs The Hornet
the snowman vs Hellboy
blackgoose vs Whoda
the tornado vs DoubleD
Week 13
Looker vs You Know...
newfiedarts11 vs The Baby Maker
Smookey vs BobbleHead
deadshot4life vs Top Gun
the snowman vs beltbuckle
blackgoose vs The Hornet
the tornado vs Hellboy
DoubleD vs Whoda
Week 14
Looker vs newfiedarts11
Smookey vs You Know...
deadshot4life vs The Baby Maker
the snowman vs BobbleHead
blackgoose vs Top Gun
the tornado vs beltbuckle
DoubleD vs The Hornet
Whoda vs Hellboy
Week 15
Looker vs Smookey
deadshot4life vs newfiedarts11
the snowman vs You Know...
blackgoose vs The Baby Maker
the tornado vs BobbleHead
DoubleD vs Top Gun
Whoda vs beltbuckle
Hellboy vs The Hornet