CPC Revival - Team US/CAN Battle for Position

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Week 1
The Canadian vs Willie Birdie
triple threat vs Milltown_Darter
MINI vs The Ace
Looker vs Crazy Gringo
Week 2
The Canadian vs triple threat
MINI vs Willie Birdie
Looker vs Milltown_Darter
Crazy Gringo vs The Ace
Week 3
The Canadian vs MINI
Looker vs triple threat
Crazy Gringo vs Willie Birdie
The Ace vs Milltown_Darter
Week 4
The Canadian vs Looker
Crazy Gringo vs MINI
The Ace vs triple threat
Milltown_Darter vs Willie Birdie
Week 5
The Canadian vs Crazy Gringo
The Ace vs Looker
Milltown_Darter vs MINI
Willie Birdie vs triple threat
Week 6
The Canadian vs The Ace
Milltown_Darter vs Crazy Gringo
Willie Birdie vs Looker
triple threat vs MINI
Week 7
The Canadian vs Milltown_Darter
Willie Birdie vs The Ace
triple threat vs Crazy Gringo
MINI vs Looker