The frozen 40s 52 form avg or less Series 8 - Division 2

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Week 1
One_Wing_46 vs jasonm2316
Seen007 vs Bo..
fatninja vs The Executioner
Darting Doug vs BigT
Week 2
One_Wing_46 vs Seen007
fatninja vs jasonm2316
Darting Doug vs Bo..
BigT vs The Executioner
Week 3
One_Wing_46 vs fatninja
Darting Doug vs Seen007
BigT vs jasonm2316
The Executioner vs Bo..
Week 4
One_Wing_46 vs Darting Doug
BigT vs fatninja
The Executioner vs Seen007
Bo.. vs jasonm2316
Week 5
One_Wing_46 vs BigT
The Executioner vs Darting Doug
Bo.. vs fatninja
jasonm2316 vs Seen007
Week 6
One_Wing_46 vs The Executioner
Bo.. vs BigT
jasonm2316 vs Darting Doug
Seen007 vs fatninja
Week 7
One_Wing_46 vs Bo..
jasonm2316 vs The Executioner
Seen007 vs BigT
fatninja vs Darting Doug