Western Canadian EQXL League Season 7 - Ad Hoc Group

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Week 1
DirtyBird vs Scratch n Sniff
mikethehammer69 vs Maybe Next Time
The Judge vs Muey
Glacier180 vs Detonator
Week 2
DirtyBird vs mikethehammer69
The Judge vs Scratch n Sniff
Glacier180 vs Maybe Next Time
Detonator vs Muey
Week 3
DirtyBird vs The Judge
Glacier180 vs mikethehammer69
Detonator vs Scratch n Sniff
Muey vs Maybe Next Time
Week 4
DirtyBird vs Glacier180
Detonator vs The Judge
Muey vs mikethehammer69
Maybe Next Time vs Scratch n Sniff
Week 5
DirtyBird vs Detonator
Muey vs Glacier180
Maybe Next Time vs The Judge
Scratch n Sniff vs mikethehammer69
Week 6
DirtyBird vs Muey
Maybe Next Time vs Detonator
Scratch n Sniff vs Glacier180
mikethehammer69 vs The Judge
Week 7
DirtyBird vs Maybe Next Time
Scratch n Sniff vs Muey
mikethehammer69 vs Detonator
The Judge vs Glacier180