The Frozen 40's Season 14 - Division 9

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Week 1
Ade vs The Gambler
J-Money vs Stubby
pick it vs Lurch
[email protected] vs Bozo05
Dart Hound vs rob murray
Week 2
Ade vs J-Money
pick it vs The Gambler
[email protected] vs Stubby
Dart Hound vs Lurch
rob murray vs Bozo05
Week 3
Ade vs pick it
[email protected] vs J-Money
Dart Hound vs The Gambler
rob murray vs Stubby
Bozo05 vs Lurch
Week 4
Ade vs [email protected]
Dart Hound vs pick it
rob murray vs J-Money
Bozo05 vs The Gambler
Lurch vs Stubby
Week 5
Ade vs Dart Hound
rob murray vs [email protected]
Bozo05 vs pick it
Lurch vs J-Money
Stubby vs The Gambler
Week 6
Ade vs rob murray
Bozo05 vs Dart Hound
Lurch vs [email protected]
Stubby vs pick it
The Gambler vs J-Money
Week 7
Ade vs Bozo05
Lurch vs rob murray
Stubby vs Dart Hound
The Gambler vs [email protected]
J-Money vs pick it
Week 8
Ade vs Lurch
Stubby vs Bozo05
The Gambler vs rob murray
J-Money vs Dart Hound
pick it vs [email protected]
Week 9
Ade vs Stubby
The Gambler vs Lurch
J-Money vs Bozo05
pick it vs rob murray
[email protected] vs Dart Hound