Western Canadian PDC Style Premier League - Season 2

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Week 1
FTC vs IvanEddy
Relentless Rory vs The Rolls Royce
The Judge vs Stevie K
Glacier180 vs Shanew79
THE Rhino 180 vs Gatzas House
Week 2
FTC vs Relentless Rory
The Judge vs IvanEddy
Glacier180 vs The Rolls Royce
THE Rhino 180 vs Stevie K
Gatzas House vs Shanew79
Week 3
FTC vs The Judge
Glacier180 vs Relentless Rory
THE Rhino 180 vs IvanEddy
Gatzas House vs The Rolls Royce
Shanew79 vs Stevie K
Week 4
FTC vs Glacier180
THE Rhino 180 vs The Judge
Gatzas House vs Relentless Rory
Shanew79 vs IvanEddy
Stevie K vs The Rolls Royce
Week 5
FTC vs THE Rhino 180
Gatzas House vs Glacier180
Shanew79 vs The Judge
Stevie K vs Relentless Rory
The Rolls Royce vs IvanEddy
Week 6
FTC vs Gatzas House
Shanew79 vs THE Rhino 180
Stevie K vs Glacier180
The Rolls Royce vs The Judge
IvanEddy vs Relentless Rory
Week 7
FTC vs Shanew79
Stevie K vs Gatzas House
The Rolls Royce vs THE Rhino 180
IvanEddy vs Glacier180
Relentless Rory vs The Judge
Week 8
FTC vs Stevie K
The Rolls Royce vs Shanew79
IvanEddy vs Gatzas House
Relentless Rory vs THE Rhino 180
The Judge vs Glacier180
Week 9
FTC vs The Rolls Royce
IvanEddy vs Stevie K
Relentless Rory vs Shanew79
The Judge vs Gatzas House
Glacier180 vs THE Rhino 180
Week 10
IvanEddy vs FTC
The Rolls Royce vs Relentless Rory
Stevie K vs The Judge
Shanew79 vs Glacier180
Gatzas House vs THE Rhino 180
Week 11
Relentless Rory vs FTC
IvanEddy vs The Judge
The Rolls Royce vs Glacier180
Stevie K vs THE Rhino 180
Shanew79 vs Gatzas House
Week 12
The Judge vs FTC
Relentless Rory vs Glacier180
IvanEddy vs THE Rhino 180
The Rolls Royce vs Gatzas House
Stevie K vs Shanew79
Week 13
Glacier180 vs FTC
The Judge vs THE Rhino 180
Relentless Rory vs Gatzas House
IvanEddy vs Shanew79
The Rolls Royce vs Stevie K
Week 14
THE Rhino 180 vs FTC
Glacier180 vs Gatzas House
The Judge vs Shanew79
Relentless Rory vs Stevie K
IvanEddy vs The Rolls Royce
Week 15
Gatzas House vs FTC
THE Rhino 180 vs Shanew79
Glacier180 vs Stevie K
The Judge vs The Rolls Royce
Relentless Rory vs IvanEddy
Week 16
Shanew79 vs FTC
Gatzas House vs Stevie K
THE Rhino 180 vs The Rolls Royce
Glacier180 vs IvanEddy
The Judge vs Relentless Rory
Week 17
Stevie K vs FTC
Shanew79 vs The Rolls Royce
Gatzas House vs IvanEddy
THE Rhino 180 vs Relentless Rory
Glacier180 vs The Judge
Week 18
The Rolls Royce vs FTC
Stevie K vs IvanEddy
Shanew79 vs Relentless Rory
Gatzas House vs The Judge
THE Rhino 180 vs Glacier180