Covid Trash Talkers - Banter 1

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Week 1
Sparky 666 vs Milltown_Darter
mikeyy17 vs rayray
NewfieCoke vs DartDemon68
Lightning Bolt vs The Jig77
Week 2
Sparky 666 vs mikeyy17
NewfieCoke vs Milltown_Darter
Lightning Bolt vs rayray
The Jig77 vs DartDemon68
Week 3
Sparky 666 vs NewfieCoke
Lightning Bolt vs mikeyy17
The Jig77 vs Milltown_Darter
DartDemon68 vs rayray
Week 4
Sparky 666 vs Lightning Bolt
The Jig77 vs NewfieCoke
DartDemon68 vs mikeyy17
rayray vs Milltown_Darter
Week 5
Sparky 666 vs The Jig77
DartDemon68 vs Lightning Bolt
rayray vs NewfieCoke
Milltown_Darter vs mikeyy17
Week 6
Sparky 666 vs DartDemon68
rayray vs The Jig77
Milltown_Darter vs Lightning Bolt
mikeyy17 vs NewfieCoke
Week 7
Sparky 666 vs rayray
Milltown_Darter vs DartDemon68
mikeyy17 vs The Jig77
NewfieCoke vs Lightning Bolt