Fire and Ice Leagues - Frozen 40s Div 5

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Week 1
The Kirkness vs lefty01
Neggie vs Porkster
CeeDub vs eastcoaster1984
Steal Your Darts vs ElChadd
NewfieCoke vs theRAINman10
Week 2
The Kirkness vs Neggie
CeeDub vs lefty01
Steal Your Darts vs Porkster
NewfieCoke vs eastcoaster1984
theRAINman10 vs ElChadd
Week 3
The Kirkness vs CeeDub
Steal Your Darts vs Neggie
NewfieCoke vs lefty01
theRAINman10 vs Porkster
ElChadd vs eastcoaster1984
Week 4
The Kirkness vs Steal Your Darts
NewfieCoke vs CeeDub
theRAINman10 vs Neggie
ElChadd vs lefty01
eastcoaster1984 vs Porkster
Week 5
The Kirkness vs NewfieCoke
theRAINman10 vs Steal Your Darts
ElChadd vs CeeDub
eastcoaster1984 vs Neggie
Porkster vs lefty01
Week 6
The Kirkness vs theRAINman10
ElChadd vs NewfieCoke
eastcoaster1984 vs Steal Your Darts
Porkster vs CeeDub
lefty01 vs Neggie
Week 7
The Kirkness vs ElChadd
eastcoaster1984 vs theRAINman10
Porkster vs NewfieCoke
lefty01 vs Steal Your Darts
Neggie vs CeeDub
Week 8
The Kirkness vs eastcoaster1984
Porkster vs ElChadd
lefty01 vs theRAINman10
Neggie vs NewfieCoke
CeeDub vs Steal Your Darts
Week 9
The Kirkness vs Porkster
lefty01 vs eastcoaster1984
Neggie vs ElChadd
CeeDub vs theRAINman10
Steal Your Darts vs NewfieCoke