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Name Change Thread

The Ginger Kid posted this 08 May 2017


Please amend my spelling of 'Th Ginger Kid" to The Ginger Kid'. I managed to spell 'The' wrongly because my chubby fingers and keyboard are not a good match

Marathon Man posted this 10 May 2017

iouri - sorry the name "Gabos" is already taken


mattle - done


nasko - sorry the name "iron man" is already taken


barba180 - done


dingWDA - done


dschens-DC Pielfresen - done


caper - done


pikadero Apache - done


the ginger kid - done (lol)

Pikadero posted this 10 May 2017

Hi Marathon Man,

Many thanks for the change, but the first letter of both words should be capitalized, so please revise the name to Pikadero Apache.

Moretti posted this 10 May 2017

Hi can you change my name to ".:.Moretti.:."

Marathon Man posted this 11 May 2017


Lone Wolf BG posted this 14 May 2017

Hi can you change my name to " Lone Wolf" ? smiley cool

The Natural posted this 14 May 2017

Hi, Can I please have my name updated to The Natural 



The Hornet posted this 17 May 2017

Hi my name is Massive on WDA can it be changed to THE HORNET?

Post Edited 19 May 2017

Marathon Man posted this 21 May 2017

headhunter - we already have a "Lone Wolf"

daryl180 / the natural - done

Massive / the hornet - done

The Mountain posted this 22 May 2017

Hi, can you change nick plz, to: The mountain