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Google Chrome and Hangout quality?

GIZZE posted this 30 July 2016

So, I have a Gigabit connection with a superb camera Logitech c920. But still the image is less of a quality than many others.

I haven't got around to try different browsers yet, but what you all using? Any differences they retrieve and send data to Hangout/Youtube?

I want the image to be extremely crisp, not potato qualities that has been passed and verified! :)

I've encountered a few lately where you barely can see their board, and gets surprised when they even mention a treble!

Maybe add a second level of verified cams? Verified Cam / Extreme Cam

EDIT* And of course did I post this on a dummy account on a different computer. This is Larsa.

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Marathon Man posted this 14 August 2016

A gigabit connection? I'd love to see your speedtest results please, can you run a test and share the result?

On the issue of poor approved cameras please report any bad cams to me privately and i will review them.

As far as i know both google chrome and firefox browsers opperate on a similar level, it might be worth trying a test with a lower end logitech camera.


GIZZE posted this 22 August 2016


We reduced the upload speed to 100Mbit because we simply don't use it. But yeah! :)

I think it's my Target 360 LED that's too bright for the webcamera to handle, thus making the quality not good enough. In natural daylight without the lights it's better.

Moorey posted this 30 August 2016

Hrmm I'm waiting on my 360 to arrive, I hope there's a work around

Marathon Man posted this 22 September 2016

try a logitech c270 webcam.

ghty posted this 09 October 2016

Make sure that You are the host of the game. And as far as i know cpu with at least four logical cores is required to get Hangout.HD working.