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Hybrid tournaments

Hulk Afroman posted this 06 July 2016

I would like to add a Webcam Darts board to our club's dart room. There are 4 boars now, one of which could be equipped with a cam. In my imagination, the user registered to this board would be the darts club. The players would change frequently, as I intend to open our team practice and our weekly competition to online participants. 

I have some questions about this idea. Is there anyone who has done this before? Is it ok to share an account? Or would it be necessary to register all players within Webcam Darts? I know that online players would not be allowed to pay for the competition, no problem. 


Regards, Hulk

Post Edited 06 July 2016

Marathon Man posted this 13 July 2016

I believe "Bullshooters" do this very thing also, 1 account covers all. Just please make sure the background noise is minimal or explain the situation to an opponent before you start, and make sure anyone who uses the site uses it respectfully and honestly.