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using mutiple accounts

icisic2000 posted this 10 August 2016

my mum wants to play on webcam darts using my laptop but her account is there any way of doing it without  it logging back into mine all the time

Marathon Man posted this 14 August 2016

Try clearing cookies and cache in browser history.


TheChadillac posted this 12 October 2016

I tend to use incognito windows with chrome browser. This way my work email is primary but my personal is for darts. When you use incognito all the credentials are wiped once you close the window with nothing stored. (i.e passwords, logins....)

I would suggest adding a  browser icon to your desktop that is set to incognito.

do this with mozilla if chrome is your primary browser or w/e.......... (can always change the icon so that its whatever she is used to clicking on)

hope this helps if you havent already figured something out.