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Any openings in any of the leagues?

mmdlshooter posted this 12 September 2016

Hello W.D.A. Family,  I was wondering if it would be possible to post when your looking for players? Along with the Start date of the League and finish date? Then if the league was successful and it's going to run again,  would you mind posting that such and such league is starting and the length of the tournament etc? To put it in one sentence,  if I'm wanting to join a league to play in, can we make it easier to know if there's one available? Then look at the end dates for those wanting to make time available,. Sincerely Joey Bryson mmdlshooter

cooper1dart posted this 14 October 2016

Would like to make my own league up how's this happen?

Dareman posted this 04 December 2016

I'd love to join a league also!


Deadhead Darter posted this 13 December 2016

would like too join league!

Tin Man SC posted this 23 December 2016


And, of course....DITTO  smiley grinsmiley grin

Dartmaul posted this 06 February 2017

Can we start a general league , or create one?

Can we start our own wda league? 

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STORM81 posted this 09 February 2017

StevieTheBull posted this 24 February 2017

i want in also


Rodney posted this 30 April 2017

I may also be interested in an evening UK league

Ready posted this 14 May 2017

i see there is a bye spot in one of the USA/CAN leagues and i would really like to play im from the US