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mmdlshooter posted this 12 September 2016

I have been a member in good standing for close to 4 years, many of you were unaware of my circumstances during that time. With out jeopardising my paycheck along with reputation, which is very much a part of who I am. I can't go into detail. 85% of that time I was involved in one of the Most stressful situations which involved my Family.Rest assure that physically everyone involved are Great. Now where I feel that I may be mocked by being very forward for the request involving this understanding.  In any sport that one wants to reach their full potential, usually that person possess a solid consistently.  Then you have those like myself who shoot equally as my competition,  with that said I am by no means saying that those whom I've played are not worthy of my presence.  Absolutely never would you see that in me. I amean someone who believes that were all equal and we all are great full to play this sport due to everyone who has something to do with the W.D.A. My personality as a shooter has always been one of a boxer. It takes quite a bit to upset me where I have to use physical harm. I use the boxing analogy because it's relevant to my personal Thought Process.  See someone may hit me gefirst and I may be on the ground getting beat! That's whenot I am the Best, because if I get up' Ithere's an extremely high likelihood that I will be victorious.  Not sure if this makes sense,  I'm trying to find the best way to explain why I have the average that I have now.  During that time my stress level was at its highest and due to the investigation surrounding areas very (scary 7 hour, 5 family members involved,  the demands of ransom, or death would occur) is only the scratch of what took place . Then taking my Occupation with was involved, which I had to act as if nothing was going on was a lot harder than I thought, what it took away was my ability to shoot the world is can. I spent more time keeping my personal friendliness more important than the game. With not discounting that you all who are my friends came first. I'd rather loose every game than know that I could loose any of you guys. So since I have been through all of that and had time to not having  my unconscious mind spinning and worrying.  Back to playing to my competition  along with my analogy of fighting leads to this question.  I'm asking if I could my history and average reset and give me the benefit of the doubt with everything explained in this post. You will be a huge help to my personal goals within the next year.  I am going to take a year and work with my own game to see if I may be able to achieve what I believe is obtainable,. Whether or not you grant this request I was wondering if you  want to be the designer and sponsor of my shirt?  I have sponsors interested and I was brought up to never forget where you got your tools to fix what ever needed fixing. I thank the W.D.A For everything you have done since I was accepted . I would like to hope that everyone who is have played has enjoyed our time,  also I'm pretty proud to say that you wouldn't find someone who is either offended or disrespected.  All the most Sincere Thanks for your time reading this.  Sincerely Joey Bryson mmdlshooter 

Marathon Man posted this 22 September 2016

Love you Joey. I am hoping we can add in some sort of yearly reset for all players, one where your history is kept but we can have a seperate look at a fresh year starting blank on January 01st.