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google hangouts issue

Killa Jonez posted this 13 January 2017

 how can i stream a game if google hangouts says its down? its been like it all week

son of chic posted this 23 March 2017

when i test hangouts my cam works fine. but when i start a game cant see my board and says no camera in hangout settings. stumped now. just says loading devices.



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SHOOTERSHORT posted this 28 March 2017

google hangouts sometimes does not work via firefox browser, got to update it or change to google chrome

Area51 Champ posted this 18 April 2017

Frig. I unknowingly update Chrome first, ya just assume its WDA... then I also d/l  XSPLIT so that others could enjoy a cool cam experience of the Treble 20 side cam....It worked! I played an EQ with a guy in China....then failed at getting the 1st tourny game off the you always question...WDA? My new software? Or Chrome with what is the fix for the April 25th Hangouts issue? So much unkowns. 

I've had a great experience here at new 1080p HD cam was easily approved.

So I guess I delete chrome and restart...delete the XSPIT camera views...and try to get back in the dissapointed.

Rant/Whine over.

Marathon Man posted this 20 April 2017

google chrome should be fine, updated or not, quit complicating matters with xsplit etc ;) 1 good camera is enough if you get it right there is no need for a close up of any treble. A well positioned mirror shows the shooter, job done!

As for the new system, we will all find out together as we take that ride.