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WDA Newsletter 1

Marathon Man posted this 25 November 2014

WDA Newsletter#1

Hello WDA! Now that we have a messaging system that can reach all members we can start communicating a bit better! WDA has gone through many changes over the last 18 months to get us to where we are now, a stable position where the site and app are functioning well for the majority, and although it will continue to evolve i feel like we have made it through the tough period! So huge thanks to all members who have kept the faith and stayed with WDA through it all :) And to all new members, welcome to WDA and we hope you enjoy the website and all it has to offer.

Information on new features.


Ok we know now that the new Lobby private messaging system works :) for anyone who struggled to reply to my test message, click on "messages" under your name in the chat lobby to check your inbox and manage or reply to any messages.

We now have 3 main forms of communication,

THE LOBBY PRIVATE MESSAGING (PM) SYSTEM - A great way to contact any other WDA Members or the WDA TEAM 

[email protected] - this is WDA'S contact email ("contact" link at the top of the lobby) if you are having problems logging into WDA or accessing the site this email is constantly checked by myself and Hawksey and is the best way to contact us.

"W.D.A Members" Facebook Group - The facebook group is a great platform for members around the world to engage in the same conversation.... these threads vary wildly in content and subject but are usually interesting and informative , please join the group and get involved.  << FACEBOOK GROUP LINK

Please try to keep the threads clean and fun, for complaints or serious issues please use the alternative methods above.


We have done our best to keep tournaments running over the last 18 months despite them being a lot of work, thankfully now with this new feature they are a lot less work to run so we should start to see more regular tournaments throughout the week, There is now a Tournament Schedule located in the drop down menu in the chat lobby "Official WDA Games" / Tournament Schedule. We will try to run these tournaments consistently every week but they are not guaranteed. (more tournaments may be added to the schedule as time goes on and our helpful moderators may run a few spontaneous tournaments from time to time)

The Tournaments Section can be found in the lobby under the "OFFICIAL WDA GAMES" dropdown menu / Tournaments. 

You must be cam approved to enter tournaments.

There will be no roll calls now so registration will only open 30 minutes before a tournament is scheduled to start, If you register for a tournament please make sure you are ready to play when the tournament starts, if you change your mind there is an "UNREGISTER" button, please use it! 

*IMPORTANT* Any player that registers and then does not show up for the tournament will lose their cam approval and have to re-apply for it, repeat offenders will not be re-approved!


Once a tournament has started simply go to the tournaments section and click on the tournament name and it will display the tournament Bracket, you can see who your opponent is and start a game as normal ( as usual please stream all tournament games in case you have a complaint )

IMPORTANT - There will be a specific "tournament" Game option to select from the game menu to start your game, you must make sure you select that and NOT the 501 game option otherwise the bracket will not register your result!


There have been a few small problems with the stats and the Equalizer table since the update, we are aware of them and they will be fixed in due course, however, please feel free to continue to report any problems via private message or the forum "Tech Center"

You will find the tables and stats all load much quicker now :) 


A new addition to the lobby forum is the Tech Center, In the tech center you will see 2 sub catagorys, "feature suggestions" and "Bug reports" anything you want to post in those sections will be seen by Hawksey and might just make it onto his whiteboard ;)


The one you all keep asking about! The WDA league software is functioning and we are able to set leagues up for you, our advice is to keep them small, maybe 6 leagues have been run so far and only 2 of them have been successful! 4 of them have failed, bare in mind, peoples lives change, peoples situations change, peoples commitments change, people lose interest, get fed up, forget to arrange games and so on and so on....  

There is a very good reason why we at WDA have stopped running official WDA leagues for now! They are not easy to get right and the management involved in running leagues for the whole of WDA is a huge and almost impossible task, however, if you wish to run your own small scale league, it can be very easy to set up and manage providing your players are committed. We will be adding a few features as options to our league setup that might help to keep a league running smoothly but in the end it comes down to the players involved, as i said earlier, the more players involved , the more problems your league is likely to face. Bare this in mind when setting one up.

If you wish to set a league up using the WDA System please contact Marathon Man or Hawksey for help doing so.



Until then, step up to the online oche and Game On!

Thunder Bolt posted this 12 March 2017

Just wanted to say thankyou WDA and all the people that make this a fun and great dart playing experince.


Magnus Offa posted this 30 January 2020

WDA has done a lot to improve my game.  I might be falling out of average lately due to slight dormancy of my account but as I keep up I am starting to feel that I am bringing back the hands of time little by little. Glad to be in this site!

Thank you, Andy, Hawksey and the rest of the crew. God bless!



Mick, Philippines

Scott Mcneill posted this 04 June 2020

I paid membership got a gold star try enter most tournement how come i have lost gold star