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Marathon Man posted this 03 January 2016

Official Webcamdarts Global  >>>

Officiële Webcamdarts Nederland Help >>>

Ufficiale Webcamdarts Italia Aiuto >>>

Offizielle Webcamdarts Deutschland Hilfe >>>

Webcamdarts - Oficjalny Polski Serwis >>>

Offisiell Webcamdarts Norge Hjelp >>>

Virallinen Webcamdarts Suomi Ohje >>>

Officiell Webcamdarts Sverige Hjälp >>>

Официальные Webcamdarts помочь России >>>

Hivatalos Webcamdarts Magyarország segítséget >>>

Oficiales Webcam Dardos ayudan español  >>>

Post Edited 22 September 2016

hynes posted this 14 January 2016

needs help to verify camera. WDA app is not coming up

Gutshot posted this 16 January 2016

needs help to verify camera.

Weatherman posted this 30 January 2016


Totally new!   Having trouble figuring out how to get started.  Been reading on the site but kind of lost.   I have my camera set up ready to go but where do I go from here?  Normally pretty computer savey but perhaps I am missing a link to a "getting started" instuction.    




johnahei posted this 21 March 2016

Dobination posted this 25 May 2016

can you use dart web cam on iphone i try and I downloaded google and hangout and it come up to hangout but the names dont come up 

Magic Mike posted this 02 September 2016

For some reason I cant add a display picture?


Nez Tordu posted this 13 January 2017

Officiel Webcamdarts France aide >>>

newfie77 posted this 24 March 2017

can get a game started

old blueeyes posted this 18 April 2020

why don't you post the answers to some of the issues on here