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Tungsten Membership & The WDA Autobots 2016

Marathon Man posted this 31 May 2016

First of all thankyou to all who made 2015 a successful year for WDA, the site has grown and evolved in so many ways and it is exciting to see what this year holds for us all!

To the members of the WDA Supporters Club 2015 , a special thankyou for donating throughout 2015, your contributions have helped to secure the future and growth of webcamdarts. 

We also have a nice amount of money to send to the late George Macken's family, I'm sure he'll be helping your darts into the treble bed as a thankyou!

On with 2016 - Tungsten Membership!

Tungsten Membership 2016 gives every member a chance to help and contribute to the on-going development and growth of the site and server costs in 2016.

Tungsten Membership is available through the WDA Shop >>

Or by making a minimum £10 donation using the "Donate" button at the bottom of most WDA pages.

As a Tungsten Member you will:

# Be coloured Gold and marked in the lobby chat with the WDA Members Badge.

# Have full use of certain features of WDA exclusive to Tungsten Members.

# Be eligable to enter any special promotions we put on throughout the year including the 2016 Christmas Prize Draw.

# Receive special offers and discounts from the WebcamDarts Shop.

Any Membership package purchased or Donation made will make you a Tungsten Member for 2016 only, We will start a new term on 01st January 2017. Due to this the minimum donation / Tungsten Membership Package will reduce by half on and after 01st July 2016.

WDA presents The Autobots!

For a quick warm up, some focused practice or just to settle a score with a droid...The Autobots have landed!

We have all played darts vs a computer at some point, set the level and away you go...

The WDA Autobots are a game changer! They have been programmed to redefine that style of practice, they will grow with your game!

Take on any one of our charismatic Bots and they will tailor their game to push yours!

Based on your current "form" average the Bots will test you and push you to improve. That's right,.. WDA Just became self aware!

Good Luck!!

We would like to think that once you have spent some time on WDA you will see the value in it, support it and become a Tungsten Member.

As a special thankyou to those that do, the WDA Autobots will be a feature exclusive to Tungsten Members. We hope you enjoy them!

More to come in 2016 but for now,... Game On!

doublejay posted this 24 July 2016

hi how long does it take after paying for membership for it to process ?