Webcam Quality

Providing your opponent with a clear close view of your dartboard via external webcam and having a working microphone is your responsibility as a webcamdarts member.
Please ensure you have a suitable set up and quality of camera before requesting any webcamdarts game.
We recommend the Logitech C270 webcam for webcamdarts.

Webcam Requirements

Players web cams should always be positioned so their dart board is fully visible, a cam from a distance is not sufficient as your darts need to be visible to your opponent at all times. It is important to use an external webcam so you can acchieve the best positioning. We recommend it be positioned just above bull height and slightly off to one side for the best results. Good lighting is also important.

Mounting your camera

Everyone faces different challenges when it comes to mounting a webcam depending on their environment, people use anything from microphone stands to homemade brackets to solve the problem, time to get inventive!