Equalizer Rules

Equalizer Rules

Welcome to WDA’s “Equalizer” Battles, designed to level the playing field a little by using a handicapping system. A monthly competition that you can get involved in no matter what level your game is at.

Equalizer Rules

1) 1) The Equalizer is open to all Registered WDA members who have played at least 1 game with an acceptable cam / mic setup and no problems.

2) You MUST select “Equalizer” from the game type when you set up the game in order for your matches to be ranked.

3) Battles will be played over the best of 9 legs 501 with no draws possible. (bull up for the throw)

4) Battles will be scored exclusively on legs won, the points gained for each leg won will depend on your “leg value”

5) Your first 15 Equalizers of each month will count towards the monthly competition, Once you have completed your quota of 15 games you may still play equalizer games but in a defensive capacity, try to stop your opponent from scoring! ( only your opponents score will count )

5b) On completion of your 15th Equalizer you will receive a 10 point bonus.

6) Everyone who competes in the Equalizer will receive a leg value, your leg value will be either 3 , 5 , 7 , 9 or 11  

7 ) Your Leg Value will be determined by your Equalizer Averages and may fluctuate from match to match.

7b ) At the end of each month your finishing average for the month will be used as a starting average for the following month.

8 ) All legs are worth 1 point unless you are playing someone with a higher leg value than yourself, in which case it is the difference between the two values that determines what a leg is worth to the lower player.


Player on a leg value of 11 – All legs are worth 1 point
Player on a leg value of 9 – All legs are worth 2 points


Player on a leg value of 7 – All legs are worth 1 point
Player on a leg value of 3 – All legs are worth 4 points


Player on a leg value of 5 – All legs are worth 1 point
Player on a leg value of 5 – All legs are worth 1 point

8b) For players on a leg value of 11 a 2 point bonus is awarded for a 5-1 win against an 11 or a 9 leg value opponent and a 5 point bonus is awarded for a 5-0 win.

9) Battle results do not need to be posted on the forum, the game results and stats will be gathered from the WDA software.

The Monthly Table

1) The Equalizer will be a monthly competition running from 00:01 uk time on the 1st of each month until 23:59 U.K time on the last day of each calender month. Matches played in this period must be posted within these times.

2) The monthly table will update automatically as soon as your match is complete :) so you can track your progress.

3 ) The winner each month will have the honour of having his or her name in flashing lights for the following month! 

4) All “Battle Points” will reset to zero at the start of each month.


# All players should exercise good etiquette during games, respect your opponent and yourself.

# When you join by competing in your first battle, you agree with all the rules. If the rules do not cover a case then the final decision will be made by one of the sections moderators.