Ladder Rules

Ladder Rules

Welcome to the WDA,s “Rankings Ladder” where your matches played are entered on to our ranking system which will in time determine your WDA ranking. With players of all ability levels competing where will you sit in the table of legends!

Ladder Rules

1. To compete in the ladder you MUST use a microphone and have not been reported as having a bad webcam

2. Every new player upon first post agrees to these rules and is entered onto the ladder ranking table.

3. You can play anybody on the site who has covered rule 1 and 2.

3a. You can play 40 games maximum per Calendar Month. You can play the same player if you like.

4. Games will be played over the best of 10 legs, of which the scoring being 5-5 will result in a draw.

5. Your ladder ranking is determined based on 4 different tables. Each table places you depending upon your results. The 4 tables that are ranked are: Games Won, % of Games Won, Game Points (5 for win, 2 for draw), Games Lost. Each of the different tables give you a position and then your ranking value is determined with your position in that table multiplied by a value, each value is determined on its importance to your ranking multiplied position. (values add up to 1.00 collectively).

Games Won – 0.37 ** % Games Won – 0.22 ** Game Points – 0.25 ** Games Lost – 0.16

example – Games W your 1st, % won your 3rd, game points your 1st, games lost your 1st

1 x 0.37 + 3 x 0.22 + 1 x 0.25 + 1 x 0.16 – ranking = 1.44

***Lowest ranking is the best ranking – so the more you play does not mean the higher you are, the more you win is whats important***

6. There will be a continuous 12 month ladder race to determine an overall champion.

7. Updating of the ladder table will happen automatically at the end of each completed game.

8. When you join by playing your first ladder game you agree with all the rules. If the rules do not cover a case, then the final decision is made by the ladder team.