EQXL Rules

EQXL Rules

Hello and welcome to the Equalizers evil twin…. The EQXL!


We thought you might fancy a longer format game from time to time and so the EQXL is born!


The EQXL format is best of 5 legs best of 5 sets ( 501 straight in )


It will run alongside the current Equalizer and utilize the same concept of “Equalization”


Here are the basic rules….


1) The EQXL is open to all Registered WDA members who have played at least 1 game with an acceptable cam / mic setup and no problems.


1a) You MUST select “EQXL” as the game type at the start of the match in order for your results to be ranked.


2) The EQXL is a monthly competition, it will always start on the 1st of every month and run for a 1 month period, after which a Champion will be crowned and the table will be reset for the next month.


2b) The EQXL will run between 00:00am uk time on the 1st of each month, until 23:59pm uk time on the last day of the month.


3) Your Quota for EQXL games for each month period will be 15, a bonus of 30 points will be added to your score on completion of your quota :)


4) There is no minimum or maximum amount of EQXL games , once you have completed your quota of 15 games you may still play but in a defensive capacity, stop your opponent from scoring! ( in a defensive game only your opponents score will count )


5) There are no restrictions on who you can play or how many times you can play them


7) You must select the EQXL game option in the hangout to play an official EQXL Game, failure to do this will result in your game not being ranked.


8) WDA League Players!! Stay on top of your league Commitments and arrangements, WDA League Games should and must take priority over any other format of WDA play :)


Right, that’s the basics covered, now for those who are interested and wish to understand the scoring system we will use, i will now do my best to describe it!…


Players will receive a “set value” which will vary based on your EQXL Averages.


Your set value will be 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 – This represents 5 different “levels” of player and helps to “Equalize” the playing field!


Here is the scoring formula we will use…


- All players receive 1 point / leg won


- When playing an opponent on a higher set value you will receive 2 points / set + 2 X any “set value” difference / set won vs a higher opponent


(for eg. if a “7" is playing a “9" then the 7 would get (2 points / set) + (4 points / set) “set value”) (6pts/set total)




(If a “5? is playing a “9? then the 5 would get (2 points / set) + (8 points / set) “set value”)     (10pts/set total)


(if you are playing an opponent on the same “set value” you will receive 2 points / set (+ the standard 1 point / leg)


- When playing a lower “set value” opponent who is more than 1 level below you, you will be deducted points / legs lost, the deduction will depend on the level of your opponent….


for eg,


11 vs 11, no points deducted / leg lost.


11 vs 9, no points deducted / leg lost


11 vs 7, 1 point deducted / leg lost


11 vs 5, 2 points deducted / leg lost


11 vs 3, 3 points deducted / leg lost


9 vs 5, 1 point deducted / leg lost


7 vs 3, 1 point deducted / leg lost….. etc etc



Thats the formula so here is an example..

Player1 "9" Vs Player2 "7"

sets- 3 — 1

legs- 11 — 4

Player1 receives)

1 pt/leg = 11pts Player2 receives ) 1 pt/leg = 4pts

2 pts/set = 6pts 2 pts/set = 2pts

Total points gained = 17pts +2 X set value Diff of 2pts = 4pts

Total points gained = 10pts

I hope that is reasonably understandable, it appears to be confusing but thankfully we have a calculator that works the magic for us!

That’s pretty much it so grab yourself an opponent and start working your way towards EQXL Victory!!!

Cheers – Equalizer Team