Frequently Asked Questions

lobby functions

#Can i watch a game live?

Yes, but only if the players have chosen to stream the game live. In the lobby click on the "stats" tab, then "running games" Any game that has "live" under it is potentially streaming, click on the "live" and you will be able to watch the game (providing the players have started the broadcast)


#Can I play on without a webcam?

No, all games on must be played with a working camera and microphone.

#Is there any software i need to download to play on

No, you do not need any sspecific software to play. It is important to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox web browser, or Safari if you are a mac user. The WDA App will not work if you are using Internet Explorer browser.

#How do i start a game?

To start a game, in the lobby click on your name box in the top right and click "Available" (It should show you as available in the chat) Then click "Available only" and the players list will show only the players who are available to play. To Challenge a player you click on their player box and in the tab that openss up click "play darts" (you can challenge multiple players, the first to accept will get the game) Once ther player has accepted the challenge you will see 2 options "Load Game" and "Load Game and Stream" Click "Load Game" This will redirect you to a Google Hangout, you will get a pop out box asking about inviting people to the hangout, cancel it. The WDA app should now open up automatically. Wait for your opponent to enter the hangout. Once you are both in the hangout and your opponents app has fully opened you can set the game format and 1st to throw and start the game. It is best to click "lock camera" and enter your scores in the "Quick Score" box.

#How do i stream a game live?

To stream a game challenge a player and click "Load game and stream" Follow the instructions to link your G+ to your youtube account, then name the hangout eg - "WDA Dave vs Tommy" then enter the hangout. In the hangout make sure you start broadcast before starting the game, the start broadcast button is hidden by the wda app, zoom your browser out 1 notch by pressing control & - and you will see it, start the bcast then press control & + to zoom back in, then start your game as normal.

#How do i get my camera approved?

To get your camera approved you must first host a streamed game, then post it in the cam check thread in the forum / wda talk. For more info > /forum/wda-talk/2014/11/cam-checking-thread


#Why does my camera not show in the hangout?

In hangout settings you should be able to select your camera and microphone. Make sure all other programs that use the camera are closed beforee entering a hangout, this includes the camera software.