Frequently Asked Questions

lobby functions

#Can i watch a game live?

Live Streaming will be re-enabled soon


#Can I play on without a webcam?

No, all games on must be played with a working camera and microphone.

#Is there any software i need to download to play on

No, you do not need any specific software to play. It is important to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox web browser, or Safari if you are a mac user. The WDA App will not work if you are using Internet Explorer browser.

#How do i start a game?

To start a game, in the lobby click on your name box in the top right and click "Available" (It should show you as available in the chat) Then click "Available only" and the players list will show only the players who are available to play. To Challenge a player you click on their player box and in the tab that opens up click "play darts" Once a challenge is accepted you will get a "Load Game" button, Click "Load Game" This will redirect you to the gaming platform where you can choose a game format and Game On!


#How do i get my camera approved?

# Camera Approval - After every ranked format game vs a camera approved player your setup & Etiquette will be rated, after 10 ratings your camera approval star will be awarded but only if the ratings are good enough. Ratings are ongoing and must remain above a certain level or you may lose your camera approval star.


Games on WDA are either "Ranked" or "Unranked" Only ranked games count towards your "stats" 

Unranked games will produce a full match report but the stats are not save and do not count towards your profile stats / average.

Ranked game formats are...

Equalizer , Ladder , EQXL. (Also some Tournament and League formats)

Anything else is unranked, ie basic 301 , 501 , 701 , 170, 2501 ...

To see your Stats page click on "stats" in your name box in the chat lobby, you will then see a page displaying your "form" stats.

Form Stats - This is calculated from your last rolling 20 ranked games.

Click on the tab on the right marked "overall stats" to see a breakdown of all your ranked games.