Indistinguishables - Division 3

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Week 1
Chipper88 vs Simmy
The coyote vs Kellers
MONK180 vs DerKerDer
The Wizard 1 vs Shields 1
MuggeD vs mikevdeest
Week 2
Chipper88 vs The coyote
MONK180 vs Simmy
The Wizard 1 vs Kellers
MuggeD vs DerKerDer
mikevdeest vs Shields 1
Week 3
Chipper88 vs MONK180
The Wizard 1 vs The coyote
MuggeD vs Simmy
mikevdeest vs Kellers
Shields 1 vs DerKerDer
Week 4
Chipper88 vs The Wizard 1
MuggeD vs MONK180
mikevdeest vs The coyote
Shields 1 vs Simmy
DerKerDer vs Kellers
Week 5
Chipper88 vs MuggeD
mikevdeest vs The Wizard 1
Shields 1 vs MONK180
DerKerDer vs The coyote
Kellers vs Simmy
Week 6
Chipper88 vs mikevdeest
Shields 1 vs MuggeD
DerKerDer vs The Wizard 1
Kellers vs MONK180
Simmy vs The coyote
Week 7
Chipper88 vs Shields 1
DerKerDer vs mikevdeest
Kellers vs MuggeD
Simmy vs The Wizard 1
The coyote vs MONK180
Week 8
Chipper88 vs DerKerDer
Kellers vs Shields 1
Simmy vs mikevdeest
The coyote vs MuggeD
MONK180 vs The Wizard 1
Week 9
Chipper88 vs Kellers
Simmy vs DerKerDer
The coyote vs Shields 1
MONK180 vs mikevdeest
The Wizard 1 vs MuggeD