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Tournament start

Happydaze posted this 26 September 2018

Love this site and the Tournaments!  Just to be clear i completely get both are for fun, so don't think i am complaining about anything.

Pick up games it is always nice to let the person you invite throw 1st.  Tournaments however should default 1st throw to the player with the lower average?   Seems like there is a touch of gamesmanship going on when rounds start and complete over who is going to invite who.  You don't want to be the person to not defer 1st turn after inviting.   Maybe annouce that the lower ave shooter gets 1st turn prior to the start of any tournament?   

Just a thought..


SHOOTERSHORT posted this 23 July 2019

i totally agree with this post, also think it should apply to any ranked game.

surely there must be some way it can be implimented into the system