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Foreigner posted this 03 July 2020

There is a bunch of players, especially players with a higher avg than others. That cansel games as soon as they see they are going to lose or that it will have a negtive influance on there avg. Its poor sportmanship, take your lose on the chin and move on. Or go cry to your mummy about it. 

Matti81 posted this 22 July 2020

it's pathetic

Raven posted this 23 July 2020

averages are only counted on eq and ladder which is not right as normal 501 games or any other game are competitive and the averages should count for every game what if someone has to play a 501 game not eq or ladder and they hit a nine darter there average not going to count whats the point of having the other games if don,t count aswell just making every game eq or ladder 

Abe posted this 19 September 2020

"TheKing87"  is one of these unsportsmanlike players. They should be banned. 


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Bob the Bulldog posted this 01 November 2020

Its happened to me again today, 4th time since I started here. I hit the check, went to put it in, couldn´t, refreshed, and got the 2 rolling red rings! Went to the game page "Game has been cancelled" I was fuming, wrote his name in the lobby about 15 times, saying hes a canceler. He wrote, said he had not cancelled and had done everything proper, yeh right. There should be a "Name and Shame" page. Rant over. Good darts and Game on.

TheFirestarter posted this 5 weeks ago

HOUSEDARTS just did this to me after getting smashed. I record all my matches tho so I hope something is done about him.


Sean4393 posted this 5 weeks ago

There absolultey should be a name and shame thread. If something pops up midgame and you really have to leave the game you can explain this with sincere apologies to your opponent (I have had this happen to me once and was tottaly fine about it)

Dead-eye posted this 5 weeks ago

I've only played 4 equalisers thus far.  I lost my first 2.  On my third I was 4 - 0  upthinking I'm going to get my first win.  In 5th leg my oponnent cancelled.  I was recording it so have it on record.  I shouldn't name them on the chance it was accidental but I don't believe it was

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MDixie posted this 3 weeks ago
HOUSEDARTS just did this to me after getting smashed. I record all my matches tho so I hope something is done about him.

thats sucks that happened. How do you have your screen display like that? Mine doesn't look anything like that.