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Ab wann wird der Average angezeigt

Crunkert posted this 3 weeks ago

Ich habe jetzt zwei Spiele absolviert und frage mich ob es generell Probleme mit der Anzeige des Average gibt, da bei viele Leute einen Average von 0 haben

ganscha posted this 3 weeks ago



Games on WDA are either "Ranked" or "Unranked" Only ranked games count towards your "stats" 

Unranked games will produce a full match report but the stats are not save and do not count towards your profile stats / average.

Ranked game formats are...

Equalizer , Ladder , EQXL. (Also some Tournament and League formats)

Anything else is unranked, ie basic 301 , 501 , 701 , 170, 2501 ...

To see your Stats page click on "stats" in your name box in the chat lobby, you will then see a page displaying your "form" stats.

Form Stats - This is calculated from your last rolling 20 ranked games.

Click on the tab on the right marked "overall stats" to see a breakdown of all your ranked games.

Ulrich Simon posted this 1 weeks ago

Wie kann ich die Sprache ändern