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Joining a League

WordsleyWolf posted this 01 January 2022

How do you joimn a league on here . There is no button to click join league ?

Phil_Devlieger posted this 24 January 2022

Got the sme question ๐Ÿ˜… thanks if anybody knows the answer

JARRA ARRA posted this 07 February 2022

me to would like to know


Krid posted this 13 February 2022

yes how do you join  league? ?

WordsleyWolf posted this 05 April 2022

Still no response so not sure how this works as you can't join a league

Dicko posted this 15 May 2022

i would like to know as well. Sent email but no response


IndianSauve12 posted this 25 May 2022

pretty sure you juust join the leauges threw favebook..check out the "WDA Points Ladder" great leage thew facebook can basically start anytime!!!!


IndianSauve12 posted this 25 May 2022

hopefully see you guys there!!!