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Acquiring Gold Star, 17 Equalizer games played, great set up and still no star!

Dicko posted this 03 June 2022

How do you get a gold star on here! I have a nice set up with my camera, played 17 games of EQ and still no starsmiley cry

Dreamweaver posted this 11 July 2022

I can only tell you that I have been on WDA for just over a week. Played 13 EQ games over 3 nights and got a gold star. I know this doesn't help you but use as a frame of reference if you contact WDA. 

Cossy_old posted this 29 December 2022

I think it's got something to do with the smiley faces at the end of your game your opponent has to grade you by sliding the marker higher on the game, hence more smiley faces good luck don't forget to ask the to grade you it's important for everyone playing