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How do tournament draws work?

DrDarts posted this 31 July 2022

I'm fully aware that this question will make me sound either like a lunatic, or a stats geek, or a sore loser (or all of the above). smiley cool

I've been playing tournaments here for about half a year fairly regularly (at least 2-3 per week) and something that I noticed within the first few weeks was that I seemed to be unlucky enough to only draw opponents whose 3-dart average was considerably higher than mine. Every single time, without exception. So I started keeping records. Now, several months later, my records show that in the last 39 tournements I have NEVER been drawn against an opponent with a 3-dart average lower than mine. For context, my 3-dart average has been fairly stable between 45-50 over the last half year, so there should be enough players with lower averages on the website. To cut a long story short, the stats geek in me has difficulties believing this is a conincidence. I'm NOT suggesting there is some kind of conspiracy going on and the whole world has turned against me, but I'm genuinely curious: is it a random number algorithm that allocates players, or some kind of seeding where stronger players are purposefully paired with weaker players?

Any insights welcome! smiley roll

Bugeyesubie posted this 4 weeks ago

being it is a tournament i think higher average players would play rather then lower average players. being someone with a 70 av would think they have a decent shot at making it somewhere, where as a player with a 40 45 av wont even play being they feel thier game isnt up to the level as most entering said tournament