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cam issues, anyone else having problems

Jaxxofoz posted this 05 June 2017

Hey all, miss playing here so much but spend more time refreshing than playing. Here is my issue.

on Chrome - when i test my cam it shows up and looks to work fine, when i test connection my cam goes black. when i try to play i have the same issue

on Firefox - test cam and it works, connect and still works. Try to play and my cam shows up for approx 10 secs then kicks off. Refresh a dozen or so times or until the person i want to play cancels and i may be able to play 1 out of 10-15 times i try to connect.

Running a Ausdom AW6155 1080p cam that worked fine with hangouts. Anyone have any thoughts or solutions for me as it seems i am the only one having this issue.



ps: i have updated all browsers and followed all connection tips on setup page. all drivers are up to date as well

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