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Downloading / Installing WDA

The Lynx posted this 18 October 2014


I keep getting errors when trying to Download/install WDA.

Any suggestion or requirements that I may be not be looking into?

Thank you in advance.

waterbeer posted this 10 November 2014

i am geting the same thing as the lynx when trying to play


Hawksey posted this 24 November 2014

Are you guys getting an error at all?

Dirtydog posted this 04 December 2014

i have been getting a error wda app appears to have somthing wrong with it for over a month

Hawksey posted this 04 December 2014

come by my office and we will see if we can sort you out DD

Gwar posted this 04 April 2015

I get this error when trying to start my first WDA match after it tries to download the WDA application.


There was an error loading your app!

This app did not load because there appears to be something wrong with it.