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Which to use ?

Tommykiid posted this 27 February 2015

Right problem is have standerd windows 7 laptop HP got a 720p HD cam useing firefox the WDA app works perfect and cam is unbeliveabley pixalated useing internet explorer nothing works well and using google chrome cam is perfect and WDA app crashes during 1 leg of 501 tryed uninstalling app didnt work tryed speed test everything is fine on that side of things and then i lowered the bandwitch limit to the lowest it can go with cam so reinstalled cam and tryed all again and same results does anyone know a soulition that the WDA app will run properly and i can get cam verifyed ??

Hawksey posted this 28 February 2015

What do you mean crashes Tommy?

Tommykiid posted this 03 March 2015

program runs relly slow like its non responsive