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Internet Speed Required

Showdown posted this 19 July 2015

It would be helpful if WDA found out the min requirements for a 'Clean Game' and put a notice on the homepage as It would save some people (inc myself ) alot of anger and misery lol smiley mad

IMoonlightAsBatman posted this 11 November 2015

Dial-up is probably a bad idea.

Tagzy-mcdangerdart posted this 30 December 2015
Dial-up is probably a bad idea.

this guy could have been in my platton anytime lol

dartles1 posted this 04 January 2016

Minimum upload for smooth working 0.8mbs

GIZZE posted this 30 July 2016

And for future references to this old thread.

It's alright to play with an upload of ~800kb/s. But to stream fully using 720p you are best of with around 7-8Mbit up.