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Multiple Cameras in your game

Kuhapro posted this 18 September 2015

How do you set up another webcam running at the same time so you can view yourself as well as the board?

Grey Brother posted this 25 September 2015
Use software named Splitcam

IMoonlightAsBatman posted this 11 November 2015

Manycam also allows picture in picture.

Greener posted this 28 November 2015

i use xsplit, its free and works great

Georgi VT posted this 24 December 2015

Greener, can you help? I installed xsplit, but I can't figure out how to use it in hangouts. I managed to make live stream broadcasting on YouTube, as well recording an .mp4 file on my PC, but as soon as I start Hangouts and it shows no picture, like I have no webcam at all.

Georgi VT posted this 26 December 2015

I found what I needed to do. There is a gear icon in Hangouts, which lets you select the webcam and once I had Xsplit all set up, there appeared a third option called Xsplit video or something. It's that simple!

Shotgun180 posted this 01 January 2016

Nimbus, i can´t see the xsplit stream in Hangouts too. What do i need to klick in xsplit to see the camera in hangouts?

Georgi VT posted this 07 January 2016

Shotgun180, as far as I can remember nothing else was needed. Try saving your setup with sizes and positions of both cameras together in Xsplit first. Maybe it will help. It is called a "presentation".

Foxy posted this 11 January 2016

Has anyone done this with a Mac?  Xsplit appears to be pc only.

Tagzy-mcdangerdart posted this 02 July 2016

apple rotten to core again lol