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Can,t initiate Game with streaming

AGree posted this 11 November 2016


I hit "Load game and stream" about 30 times in last few days and every time I get "We can't create streaming, try repeat it 15 minutes later".

I did it with 3 different opponent, opponent tried to do that during our games, but not a chance even ones.

Mac OS X Sierra, Safari, Mac Book Pro, Logitech C270 360p mode. I do have youtube account and one uploaded video there.

Any help would be appretiated.

Andrey Deryugin AKA AGree

Hubi501 posted this 29 November 2016

I've got the same problem. Can someone help please?

AGree posted this 30 November 2016

I resolved this issue. The problem was in my google+ account, namely my phone number wasn't confirmed.