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Can you run wda on a linux machine?

Duckie posted this 19 June 2016

can you run wda on a linux machine?

ghty posted this 09 October 2016


I have just played couple games using Linux Mint (distribution based on Debian/Ubuntu) and everything went ok.

I have Logitech C270 camera and I'm using Google.Chrome (version: 53.0.2785.143 - 64-bit) web browser.

So the answer is: Yes, You can run WDA on a Linux machine.


Post Edited 10 October 2016

TheChadillac posted this 12 October 2016

If any issues arise with chrome, you can always try using chromium. We have ran into different issues at work with Chrome browser updates but were able to rely on chromium until they updated the bugs. 

Just an added tid bit :) Yay for linux!!!!