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The Candy Man posted this 29 October 2017

Hi. Can you use your iphone as your camera?

Blanger posted this 04 December 2017

yes, Its possible, Use Epoc cam

Amriko posted this 22 December 2017

I downloaded the app EpocCam but I'm note sure how to make it work on Chrome and Webcam darts. Anyone tried it here ?

Post Edited 25 December 2017

KaZo RH posted this 26 March 2020

Yes I succeed with it. you need to install app to iphone and the wiever and driver as well to macbook. if you have windows laptop, just use the right desktop app. when you run both of the EpocCam app on laptop and mobil as well, and you are connected the same wifi works immediatelly in the app. But to use it correctly on, you need to setting up extra things in your system and chrome settings as well. Firstly I suggest to install the latest version of chrome. in the chrome setting allow flash content to slide right the throttle, setup the camera to epoccam, setup the microphone to the build in one. restart the chrome and the laptop as well. in the lobby above go to cam test...still running the app on iphone and laptop as well. if its not working, just close the app on the laptop. should work. if still not, you need to go on the laptop system settings, to tilt the built in camera. Restart again...should work. if still not there are solution to delete cookies, check some things, but i hope it helps. Best everybody in the strange times. :)

Dumaynman posted this 05 April 2020

Downloaded Epoccac on phone my ipad and Mac when going to can test it’s just blank is there something I’m not doing to connect camera to the site ?? Thanks in advance