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Issues Playing Any Opponent

Sambo170 posted this 03 October 2018

When trying to play against anyone it seems I can see my board clear as day however the opponents screen just continually tries to load up?

I can enter a score etc but the opponents screen just continues to try load??

I believe other some other players are having the same issues, any thoughts?


I have tried doing the usual of refresh screen, restart computer, unplug/re-plug webcam, update latop (Macbook Pro) etc etc....

Any help would be appreciated.




Sammy (Sambo170)

Tafi posted this 09 January 2019

warum seh ich meinen gesamt averrage nicht in meinem profil lg Tafi


MANODO posted this 14 February 2019

Siehst du erst wenn 10 oder 20 Ranked gespielt hast.

Rasta posted this 26 April 2019

I am unable to get my webcam up durung match, It just wants to use the laptop cam, can someone help with this please?