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Google account problems

BachsBargi posted this 19 September 2019

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem:
I would like to sign up on another device on WDA to play on assembly in the hotel. Unfortunately I forgot which Google account I signed up with. At the desktop PC and on my notebook at home I always train and I am logged in standard.
I've already tried all my known accounts, unfortunately without success. Is it possible for the admins to find out which account it is and can tell me? If possible, I would also switch to an account that I actually use.

Thank you in advance for the help!


mightyapu posted this 05 October 2019

I had the same happen to me - i'm pretty sure one of the admins in the lobby was able to see what account (email address) i was logged in with. 

Marathon Man posted this 28 December 2019

Post Edited 28 December 2019

Christoph Bargmann posted this 25 March 2020

No, sorry MM, that is not the right Account....

Marathon Man
[email protected]

Christoph Bargmann posted this 01 April 2020


It seems that it is not possible to help me, so please transfer all my data from "BachsBargi" to this account and delete the old account, thanks!

Bargi posted this 12 April 2020


titch johnson posted this 29 April 2020

Hi. I have a similar problem. 

I seem to have created two accounts and I'm not unable to log in tothe account I want to log in to on my new device. Please can someone help me to delete the second 'titch johnson' account I've created, so that when I log in, it takes meto the 'titchjohnson' sccount? Thank you in advance. 







Christoph Bargmann posted this 01 May 2020