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internet speeds

rsimon278 posted this 09 April 2020

hi, i have 15mbs download and 7 mbs of upload. 

I find it really hard to run a game smoothly but i thought them speeds would easily handle a game.

anyone play on similar speeds or am i well off the mark?

im also thinking it might be due to overload of internet and site as everyone is on lockdown?


Seany Boy posted this 14 April 2020

I have similar speeds and my games have been terribly laggy. I doubt its the server as the opponents seemed annoyed making me think there other games were running smooth. Probably gotta upgrade that account to a higher speed, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and do that myself.

Seany Boy posted this 15 April 2020

I upgraded today to a different provider, my new speeds are 80mb/s and 16mb/s upload. games worked out perfectly today.