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Mobile Phone as Webcam?

ALM posted this 30 April 2020

Is it possible to use a mobile phone as a webcam?

I downloaded IP cam adapter on my android phone and PC which worked fine but can only view the feed by typing in the URL. Can't use it as a video device within the webcamdarts website.

Does anyone have any advice for how to use your mobile as a webcam on this site?

xxAkkxx posted this 02 May 2020

Ivcam for android .


Works well  can use mouse to adjust

Davey64 posted this 25 May 2020

ivcam works well when you get the settingssorted

Johnny180 posted this 3 weeks ago

I use my cell phone as a webcam and the image and audio is good. I have even asked the opponents and they say it looks great, but I can't get the gold star, what can I do?