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Couple of ideas

Jammag posted this 20 January 2014

I know a couple of you have already mentioned about averages, what I would like to see would be similar to I think dartspro where it would show you your average of your first 9 darts. I think this would be quite good to show how people start of a leg and then to see the overall average to see how much difference there is.


Also I would like to be able to review the different legs, I know the stats show the best leg but I would like to see more of a break down of the match for example to say leg 1) 17 darts 2)24 3)14 and so on. I think although its nice to see the best leg its also good to know where your weakness is as well.


Another feature I think would be good would be to open up more rooms than just the main lobby. This would maybe be a tournament lobby where you can only go for tournaments which would then leave the main lobby free for normal games and cut out the confusion of who is in the tournament and who is free to play. Also with this you could create other rooms where 4 people could go off and play in a seperate room against each other or even rate the lobbys so people can play against a certain standard if they are looking for serious practice e.g. 80+ average room 70+ average down to for new guys 40 or less. Just so people can get games that suit their abilities however if you are just looking for fun you can just play in the main lobby and have a laugh.

Marathon Man posted this 21 January 2014

some good ideas there bud , check your match results tho there is a full leg by leg breakdown for you , even a pretty graph ;) MM