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On Demand KO tournaments

baydz posted this 16 January 2014

I know this is a long shot.......

How cool would it be if you had on demand tournaments eg 8 ppl KO, 16ppl KO

This would work by 8 people registering via the lobby, once 8 register it randomly generates the draw and people play.

From then, it records the scores and goes to semis, finals etc

Just throwing this out there

CHEZZA posted this 18 January 2014

sounds good. It would work similar to sit and go tourneys at online poker. I think alot of ppl would play I know I would :)


Marathon Man posted this 21 January 2014

Yes all has been discussed and is probably the way forward , it all takes time though , we never stop progressing , patience is all we ask :) MM

Danny_The Show_Trueman posted this 03 February 2014

I like this idea