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Random opponent / correct score

Kasper posted this 16 January 2014

2 suggestions:

1) It would be nice, if you could just make yourself available to play a random opponent, so that you were matched with an available opponent instantly.
2) Why isn't it possible to correct a mistypedscore to check out? Maybe it could prompt the opponent to confirm, some people care an awful lot about their average and will be annoyed having to type in a no score just because I made a typo. 

dfnder posted this 18 January 2014

once the no score is put in the next turn by the opponent will negate the "0" as soon as the original 'correct' checlout is entered.  Not really an issue as I see it


Marathon Man posted this 21 January 2014

this is a small glitch that i am sure we will clear up in time , for now , carfull pushing those buttons when you checkout , if it means that much to you :) MM

Marathon Man posted this 21 January 2014

i am totally down with the random game though :) MM