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My List of Suggestions

The Devil posted this 11 October 2014

This one should cheers Tim up.

I would like to see :-

  • The date on the matches table in your stats page
  • An ability to export your results to a spreadsheet
  • The average in the lobby to be your actual average instead of the rounded one.
  • The ability to click Re-match in the hangout to start another match straight away
  • The ability to see the match type in the running games so you know how long you may be waiting for someone for a match.
  • The live! link in Running Games to be a button so more easily visible
  • The ladder to be searchable or to have your positions listed in the profile section.
  • Clocks with different timezones at the top of the lobby to help out our international friends

I will add more as I think of them :P

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The Devil posted this 11 October 2014

Maybe the clocks could be hidden where the feed section is currently. Nobody uses the feed anymore with the live link being active so just a wasted section of the site.

The Devil posted this 11 October 2014

Also the date and time in the match stats currently doesn't tell you the year :P

The Devil posted this 11 October 2014

In the stats could we maybe get an average darts per leg won ????

Hawksey posted this 14 October 2014

oh my

Kitman posted this 16 October 2014

using TAB to autocomplete a nick would be a nice things..  Gives right capitalization and thus a nice personal feel.  

Sometimes using the /me command can add a little levity as well.

/me hopes that these things are implemtented and is very happy with the software so far.

Kitman hopes that these things are implement and is very happy witht he software so far.


The Devil posted this 05 November 2014

I would like to add another suggestion.....

In the tourney software when the match is finished the match stats link should be available on the matches.

I regularly look at the past tourneys and want to look at the stats of certain matches.

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The Devil posted this 11 December 2014

Another suggestion for the stats pages....


In the match selection let us have a tick box for DIDO games so that they may be used in the stats pages separately..... Especially as there are DIDO tourneys regularly nowadays.

Also a specific Tourney average page. As the matches a run within the software this must be achievable :)

The Devil posted this 26 January 2015

Got another one Tim,

I think as the feed is not used anymore we should be able to click a match to add it to a my matches tab so that we can follow matches. Would make it easier than scrolling through all the matches when there are 20 running at once in a tourney. We could just add the matches we want to follow to the tab and keep an eye on the stats.