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Added info on the check your cam page

DIRTY_G posted this 18 February 2014


Newbi here, although once worked out it is quite simple but it took a while to figure out how to verify my cam, I knew you had to streem a game but there were no instructions how to do this, luck for me I asked nicely and a WDA member walked me through it. Marathonman did reply to a help post of mine with instructions and was quite helpfull, I think his reply should be copied and pasted in the "how to verify your cam" section, reply was as follows.

"How to stream a game for cam approval

when you challenge an opponent you get 2 options "load game" or "load game and stream" click "load game and stream" 

then sync your google and youtube accounts if prompted to ( you may or may not have to do this depending on weather they are already synced or not )

name the hangout - usually    WDA player1 vs player2 

then once in the hangout you must click "start broadcast" this is at the bottom of the screen in the hangout , it seems to be hidden by the app now so you may have to close the app to start the broadcast , do this by clicking on one of the small cam images on the bottom right of the hangout, after you have started broadcast then re open the app by clicking the small blue square marked WDA on the left side, then you should be good to go. "stop broadcast" a t the end of the game and the video will auto upload to your youtube account, also it will be embedded in your wda match report. a link to either of these is what we require in the cam checking thread. MM"

Thanx G

kokanee posted this 21 February 2014

there is a video on how to stream a game that was done by Eammoncas 

DIRTY_G posted this 22 February 2014

Sorry I should have made it more clear.

When in the lobby there is a link at the top that says "GET YOUR CAMS VERIFIED!!!!", it cycles through some orher links, one of which is something like "NEW MEMBERS NEED HELP >>>CLICK HERE<<< CHECK YOUR CAM >>>>CLICK HERE<<<<".

None of which have the youtube link you are refering to or any instructions on how to do so.

My point is if there is something on here it is hard to find, and as the lobby is the first thing most people look at, and there is a big cycling banner that says click everywere cam cam cam verify verify verify, I would have though the obvious thing to do would be explain how you go about it.


I must be missing something

Touchy posted this 16 March 2014

Would be good to get Eammon's youtube link added to the home page.

Also - to go through that exercise - you need to actually start a game against someone. Could you put in a 'WDA Test account' that was always available to play against? A bit like the Skype Loopback service where you call them to check your settings. Folks could start, stream and broadcast against the test account and confirm everything is working well etc before they start in earnest