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Camera check

Charlottedarter posted this 17 February 2014

Why not have a way that members can hit a button, and see the feed from their camera as its being viewed on a stream?  As it appears now, the only way to see your board as its seen over this site is to actually be in a game.  I couldn't tell mine was fuzzy around the board till after I saw a match that I played that was streamed.  Not sure how to fix it yet, but would like to try things and see how it looks when I do.  Thoughts are appreciated.

The Devil posted this 19 February 2014

You can check the camera feed without being in a game by opening a lone hangout.

This will open you up into a hangout. Click your camera in the bottom right and you will be able to see what your camera looks like. It may be a reversed image but don't worry about that as it rectifies itself once you start a match.


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devsy posted this 03 August 2015